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Fun is essential

Our story

Take a moment and see why fun is an essential part in being relevant to your customers.

Our Story

Creating happy consumers

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We believe that fun is in everybody, but sometimes it is hidden well. For organizations to be relevant for consumers it is crucial to ‘tickle’ this part that is within every human being. By doing this consumers will find your brand, products and services more relevant. Due to the dopamine they will associate happiness with your brand.

Our success formula: Relevancy + Fun = ReleFUNcy. This is why we introduce the ‘fun factor’ in our approach.


Has your organization fallen asleep and do you have problems keeping up with all the rapidly worldwide changes? Let us inspire you. We have several ways to wake up your organization, give your team an energy boost and a lot of inspiration.

Best marketing professional(s)

You don’t have time or knowledge to set up successful marketing activities? It is your lucky day! This is your chance to meet the best and most fun marketing professional(s) of the world.

Customer insights

Who is your customer? How does he make choices? How do they fulfill their needs during their journey and how do you make sure they stay with you? All these questions and many more, we analyze for you.

Marketing campaigns

Do people know that you exist and what your company does? Or do you want more strangers to become a fan of your brand? We ensure your customers turn into fans, through balanced, relevant marketing campaigns.

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Inspiring, focused, ambitious, enthusiastic, fast, responsible, team worker, social, marketeer, neuromarketing, entertainment, fun, international, multicultural, entrepreneur, innovative, creative and not afraid to take risks.




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