Month: March 2022

Sell more with the framing effect

What is the framing effect? Since the beginning the Framing Effect has proven to have a significant influence over the way humans make decisions. It’s therefore no surprise that a lot of companies around the world have integrated this into their campaigns, intentionally trying to influence customers’ decision-making processes to increase conversions in the salesfunnel.

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Do we take all decisions consciously?

Humans take a lot of decisions. How many do we take? Approximately 500 million decisions on a daily base. That’s a lot and imagine taking these consciously. It will drive us insane, yet a lot of people are not insane. When we take decisions we think we are taking them rational. When we buy, sneakers,

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Stop selling products

You just started your online webshop, everything is set and you start selling products. Everything on your website is about the products, pictures of the products, descriptions of the products and so on. You just want to sell those products. But you are not selling and customers who buy your products don’t return. There always

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