3 benefits of storytelling

Sell a story not a product. But why? Storytelling is one of the best ways to get your product, service, or initiative in front of your prospects. This can be done through storytelling to share the benefits of using your product or services. When you tell a story, you make others feel what you feel and experience what you experienced. Storytelling techniques are a great way to remain focused and remember what you want them to remember in your sales calls, presentations and proposals.

But how? It’s simple. For example; tell your story about how you saved a client $20,000 on their utility bills or how another business owner made $1,000,000 in just a few months after using your product.

Or if we look at big brands like Nike, they do not sell products, it’s all about a lifestyle. When people are connected and feel that it is them, the brand is representing, they are unconciously influenced. They will be open for buying the latest running shoes. They feel like they are a part of that community with their recognizable story. These stories will help you stay focused, remember what you want them to remember and make others feel what you feel and experience what you experienced.

Three benefits of storytelling

  1. Stories activate empathy (we experience the feelings of others);
  2. Stories allow us to simulate situations that we have not yet experienced directly;
  3. Stories seduce us and help us to learn (we remember it more easily).

Your story matters. It makes a difference. It can be used to change someone’s perspective, their decisions, and even their life. If your story is powerful enough, it will become the most valuable thing you’ll ever sell. It should touch people in the heart. Do not make it a sales pitch, those are two different things. So sit down and start writing your story now!

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