In this blog I will focus on inbound phone calls with customers. Unfortunately most people see incoming calls at the office as something that is disturbing them. They actually forget that this call, this customer that needs your help, is the way to show what a great person you are and that you are working for the best company out there. This is THE moment to shine and to make that customer a fan. A fan of your great organization. The following tips will help you think different when a customer calls the next time.

Tip 1: Behave on the phone like the other is sitting in front of you

Most people think that the person at the other side of the phone can’t see the way your are sitting or standing. Actually these people are right, you can’t see it, but you can feel it!

So the question is actually: Is your body language on the phone telling that you are interested or not in this conversation? Yes, it is telling everything! When you are sitting uninterested, almost laying down in your chair, the other person can feel that. Your voice is different when you are sitting straight and responding interested. So the next time you answer the phone, pretend the other is sitting in front of you. Your customers will definitely feel the difference and have a more positive experience.

 Tip 2: Use your voice, it is very powerful

With our voice we can unconsciously influence others. Talking loud, soft, clear, unclear, being friendly or not. The person at the other side can feel it if you are interested or not just by listening to your voice. We all have a voice and we underestimate the power of our voice. Use a positive and friendly tone when talking to customers, they will immediately adopt the positive vibes. You may think the call ends when you hang up the phone, actually the call ends but the positive feeling stays with the customer. The next time the customer thinks about your organization he will associate it with positive feelings. All this happens unconsciously in the brain of the customer. 

Tip 3: Think of things that make you happy

We all have once in a while a bad day or are very busy with our work. And then suddenly the phone rings. Mostly we feel disturbed, but we should not be! This is our moment to shine and show the customer that we love him or her. So before answering the phone take a few seconds to think about something positive and realize that this phone call pays your salary. Feeling positive already? With this positive mind set and attitude you will have a totally different conversation and the customer will feel it unconsciously.

So, the next time you answer an inbound phone call, just think of these tips and you will turn your customers slowly into fans.

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