Loyal customers, who have experienced the period Wanadoo and Casema have since a few weeks a very bad internet connection and the fixed telephone line is no longer working.  After weeks trying to call the service desk and dettered by the long wait it was now time to get through.With the mobile phone in hand because the fixed line does not work, I finally reached a Ziggo employee after more than 15 minutes.It was noted that the employee had absolutely no knowledge and hardly even spoke Dutch well.But yet we made an appointment with a mechanic that would solve the problem. Strange that Ziggo can not give me a time indication when the technician will come, now I have to cancel all my appointments for today and just wait, customer friendly? Around 1530 hours my patience is running out so I reluctantly call customer service again, after a very long wait of at least 10 minutes, again I get a confirmation that the appointment is in the system and the mechanic will come along today. What a relief, he is really coming and everything will be solved today, cool! Tick, tick, tick, a glance at the clock and it’s already 20:00 hours. After 23:00 hours it had been enough and they did not even let me know anything. A Tweet was sent into the world!

The next morning there was a response from the web care team. The employee unfortunately missed the whole emotional part, where is the apology for the breach of the agreement? But he wants to solve the problem and we meet with a fee. I did not respond immediately and get a tweet from his colleague. The reaction gives me the feeling that they take me seriously and that Ziggo really wants to solve the problem urgently! In the Tweet below the tone is even ideal. Ultimately, a mechanic is still needed and the employee makes an appointment himself, great!

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Monday is it exciting, but the mechanic comes along and solves the problem, we can quickly use Internet and the phone. How will the pain be reduced? Costs incurred mobile phone, a compensation day for the long waiting and not making money, and the costs of the weeks we were unable to make full use of the services. Now it goes sadly wrong. The employee wants to compensate a total of 20 euros , a free HD recorder and two months of free use of a channelpackage. The recorder and the channelpackage they do not need and the 20 euro is much too low. I now get the feeling not to be taken seriously. So I decide to make a proposal. And a proposal that is possible for new customers and apparently not for existing customers? And a discount for six months also had been enough, but there is totally not asked what it takes to keep this customer happy.

The employee and me do not agree and he sends my complaint on August 26, 2014 to the complaints manager and they will answer within five business days. After a reminder from my side, they indicate that no other proposal will be made. After this I ask the employee to call me atleast. Someone from the web care team contacts me and finally I can tell my story. The employee apologizes on behalf of Ziggo and makes a small step in the right direction in the proposal, but certainly not enough. A few days later I get a call from a complaints manager. Who listens to my story and apologizes on behalf of Ziggo. Furthermore, she indicates that she takes this signal very serious  and they will have a good chat with the responsible employee. Finally they send flowers to my parents.

Conclusion The waiting time of the call center are long (on average more than 10 minutes) and ensures that customers quickly drop out and the complaints get worse. Once you have an employee on the line than the knowledge proves insufficient. The low point of our study was the failure of an appointment and in this case, literally. Through the call center, the problem is never solved.

The webcare team were pretty quick to respond and the team seems to have the right knowledge. It was in any case directly searched for a solution to solve the problem of the customer. The staff have a limited mandate to meet customers. Unfortunately, not the right questions are asked. Which makes the proposal not fit with the feelings of the customer. Ultimately, the problem is solved during the last phonecall and an apology on behalf of Ziggo was made.

Dissatisfaction about the service is not yet gone because of the childish proposal. There is still a possiblity the customers leaves Ziggo. 


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