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Gaze cueing | What are you looking at?

It is very important when someone visits your website that he or she does what we want them to do and they gaze where we want them to gaze. But how do we influence their gaze? Which neuromarketing techniques can we use? Which visuals should I use?  These are very important questions because if you

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The magical 9

When our eyes see the number ‘9’, unconsciously, we feel that we are getting a real bargain. We are much more likely to buy when the prices end with a ‘9’. Some facts about the magical 9 9 triggers a “Bargain” perception. 99 makes the price feel rounded and familiar. 99 looks smaller and people

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Are you influenced by the endowment effect?

The endowment effect is nothing more than we as humans value things we own more than thing we don’t own. You don’t actually have to own the product for this, the idea of ​​ownership is enough. This is called the endowment effect. How are companies influencing us with this endowment effect? Almost every commercial website

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Priming? Towel, Shower, Shampoo and So-p? Soup or Soap?

Everyone will choose soap as the right answer. This is because the priming effect occurs when an individual’s exposure to a certain stimulus influences his or her response to a subsequent stimulus, without any awareness of the connection.   Units of information are stored in our long-term memory. These units van be activated by sights,

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Sell more with the framing effect

What is the framing effect? Since the beginning the Framing Effect has proven to have a significant influence over the way humans make decisions. It’s therefore no surprise that a lot of companies around the world have integrated this into their campaigns, intentionally trying to influence customers’ decision-making processes to increase conversions in the salesfunnel.

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Stop selling products

You just started your online webshop, everything is set and you start selling products. Everything on your website is about the products, pictures of the products, descriptions of the products and so on. You just want to sell those products. But you are not selling and customers who buy your products don’t return. There always

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Why do we keep hurting customers?

More than 80% of companies have as the last touchpoint in the customer journey; pay for a purchase. Various studies have established that the pain of paying exists. If we receive a physical slap, we register it in the Insula. When we pay, we activate that same part of the brain. Paying cash feels more

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