We all know that happiness is important. But when companies have to create a smile on the face of a customer, they fail! Thats why Funsumers helps out companies creating happy consumers with our services.

Science of Happiness

Laughing is a part of human nature and yet we laugh less when we grow older. Children are said to laugh a great deal more than adults: an average baby laughing 300-400 times a day compared to an average adult laughing only 15-20 times a day.

Laughing has beneficial effects on our health. These effects are the result of activities in different regions of the brain that are triggered by humorous stimuli and by laughter itself. Studies have shown that brain regions normally involved in emotion, cognition, vision, and movement all respond to laughter. For example, the midbrain and hypothalamus regions where dopamine is released in response to pleasurable stimuli, are activated by laughter. Dopamine is the major component of “reward” pathways; it reinforces pleasure-seeking behavior and influences our happiness. And still we become bored grumpy people who do not laugh.

Our Formula

We believe that fun is in everybody, but sometimes it is hidden well. For organizations to be relevant for consumers it is crucial to ‘tickle’ this part that is within every human being. By doing this consumers will find your brand, products, services and so on more relevant. Due to the dopamine they will associate happiness with your brand.

Our success formula: Relevancy + Fun = ReleFUNcy

This is why we introduce the ‘fun factor’ in our approach. We test our activities to following three factors: humor, surprise and shock. All these factors influence the emotional state of consumers.


Our formula is used in the following four services:

Has your organization fallen asleep and do you have problems keeping up with all the rapidly worldwide changes? Let us inspire you. We have several ways to wake up your organization. Neuromarketing is leading in our overall approach. We want you to have a closer look at your customers and have a peek in their brain. How do they really think and make decisions? What role do emotions play in consumers responses? After these inspirational sessions you will have more knowledge about possible behavior. And you will be able to understand your customers better. There is also a lot happening in your environment; are you ready for Google car, vacuum transport tubes, location based marketing and the intelligent house? We watch world wide trends and will take you on a journey, where you can see the trends and translate these trends to your business. This will help you anticipate the changes. Specifically for marketing professionals we provide wake up sessions. In these sessions we discuss international successful campaigns, the latest marketing trends and give customer insights through neuromarketing. These fun sessions will give your team an energy boost and a lot of inspiration for their own marketing activities.

Best marketing professional(s)
You don’t have time or knowledge to set up successful marketing activities? It is your lucky day! This is your chance to meet the best and most fun marketing professional(s) of the world. Just tell us what you want to achieve and we will help you with all our marketing knowledge. Using the customer life cycle, we analyze where quick results can be achieved. We ensure that the activities are relevant to your customers and that they are happy with you again.

Customer insights
Who is your customer? How does he make choices? How do they fulfill their needs during their journey and how do you make sure they stay with you? All these questions and many more, we analyze for you. For this we use the customer journey, customer contact moments analysis, personas and neuromarketing.

In our customer journey we describe each step a potential customer takes till the moment he becomes a fan. A stranger can become a customer and preferably a fan of your product, service or brand. When you have fans, you are making the difference and the possibility of a lifetime relationship increases. It is also important to know what the contact moments of your customers are. When do they feel, breath and experience your company? And are you doing a great job during these moments? What can you do different to keep your consumers happy? We analyze each step and give you advice to stay relevant for your customers during each moment they experience you.

Your company has several customers and each customer is different. Still it is important to have a general picture of your average customer. Who is your customer? What do they do? What are their interests? By in-depth interviews with your customers we will find out more about your customers. This information is valuable for successful marketing activities.

Marketing campaigns
Do people know that you exist and what your company does? Or do you want more strangers to become a fan of your brand? We ensure through balanced and above all funny marketing campaigns that the visibility increases. In our approach, it is crucial that the marketing campaign is relevant to the target audience. Humor, surprise and shock-elements are crucial in our ‘fun factor’ to be relevant.

Our total approach is focused on the happiness of the customer. Consumers are everything a company has, so cherish them and make them happy.

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