Do we take all decisions consciously?

Humans take a lot of decisions. How many do we take? Approximately 500 million decisions on a daily base. That’s a lot and imagine taking these consciously. It will drive us insane, yet a lot of people are not insane.

When we take decisions we think we are taking them rational. When we buy, sneakers, groceries, toilet paper we take these decisions unconsciously. When we tend to spend a large amount of money, when buying a car, a house or renovate our house, we think we do this rationally. How many times do people exceed their budget when taking these big decisions? In more then 90% of the cases we exceed our budget. Why? It’s very simple, we don’t take them consciously.

More than 95% of our decisions is taken unconsciously

On a daily base we take approximately 500 million decisions and more than 95% of these are unconsciously. The Hypothalamus and Limbic system also known as System 1 take all the decisions in a millisecond, when we see the car for the first time or when we enter that dream house, the decision is taken! Our Neocortex also know as System 2 then justifies our choice: “ That expensive car, we really need it” or “that house with 5 bedrooms and a huge garden was a good deal”, while it was more than our initial budget.

We can’t fight this natural decision making process but we can influence this. To influence people it’s very important to understand how the human brain works and how you can use that information to influence the unconscious decision making process. To learn more about neuromarketing and easy to implement tips and tricks see one of our masterclasses.

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