In recent years a lot of webcare teams are established. In the beginning it was mainly an instruction from the senior management, who had heard of social media and immediately something had to be done with that. The What and Why question often stayed out and they went to work.

A few years later and the web care teams have had time to mature. We found it interesting with own authentic cases to bombard various top brands with our mystery customer surveys. The web care teams and also in some cases the customer service departments are tested. We also looked at the mutual cooperation. Because web care is really just a customer service department, but via the Internet. The goal is the same, only another medium is used. The results are very diverse, sometimes shocking and often just good.

A number of important criteria we considered:

– Is the problem resolved?
– What is the response / waiting period?
– What is the mandate of the employee?
– Do the customer service department and web care team work together?

The four organizations studied are: Ziggo, IKEA, T-Mobile and Samsung.

Soon we will give a full report on our experiences with Ziggo.

To be continued…

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