Gaze cueing | What are you looking at?

It is very important when someone visits your website that he or she does what we want them to do and they gaze where we want them to gaze. But how do we influence their gaze? Which neuromarketing techniques can we use? Which visuals should I use?  These are very important questions because if you do not attract the attention of your visitor, all your hard work will be wasted.  

What is gaze cueing?
Gaze queuing explains how we are automatically attracted to others’ gazes and lines of sight. So when we see someone looking at something our brain acts reflexively and we start looking at that object also. For example if we see someone gazing into the sky for minutes within 15 minutes a number of people will be gazing in the sky. Scientists have shown that the human gaze is an important social stimulus on which we learn to focus right from when we are born. As children, we utilize the gaze of our parents to learn about the world, read expressions, etc. In fact, eyes are a considerable source of information regarding emotions, intentions, beliefs and desires of others, as a lot of expressiveness is portrayed through the eyes. Studies have shown that 55% of information transmitted during a face to face conversation relies on visual contact. The eyes are a central factor in our social interactions and have an immense power over us: immediately attracting our attention amongst all facial features or other stimuli. We are curious beings and very easy influenced by this neuromarketing technique.

How do I use it online for higher conversions?
1. We love pictures of babies and women. So use them on your website.
2. If you have a call to action button, for example “more information” and you want your visitors to click on that button, make sure the baby is gazing to that button. When we see the baby gazing at the button we will start doing that as well.  This is not only an effective way of drawing the attention of our visitor but this gaze also encourages them to complete the action and provided more motivation to do so.

And no it does not matter where the baby or woman is looking at, as long it is where you want them to look at. Your visitors will start gaze cueing.

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