Below you will find the General Registration Conditions for the masterclasses of Funsumers. If specific conditions still apply to a particular masterclass, these are stated with that masterclass in question.

If you have any questions about a masterclass, substantive or organizational, you can ask us these prior to your registration. This gives you clarity about what to expect.


Art. 1. Registration for a masterclass by Funsumers is done online via our website. We receive the data as provided by you. Your data will be checked and processed by us. Registering for a study is not without obligation.

Art. 2. The registration form will be processed at Funsumers in order of receipt of payment. If there are no more study places available, we will no longer be able to process your registration.

Art. 3. Registration is only possible for the complete masterclass. It is not possible to follow individual parts of the study.

Art. 4. The age of admission is from 18 years. Exceptions can be made for 17-years olds with written consent from parents or supervisors. You can discuss this with us.

Art. 5. Funsumers reserves the right not to accept someone’s application in case of doubt.

Art. 6. After receiving your payment you can immediately create an account on our website ( and follow the masterclass.


Art. 7. The masterclass can only be followed after full online payment.


Art. 8. Cancellation of your registration can be done in writing within three days after registration.

Art. 9 Cancellation of a complete masterclass is only possible if it has not yet been viewed and if you have not logged in to the account.

Art. 10. At the start of a masterclass for which you have registered and which you have not canceled in writing, you will be invoiced in full in accordance with our General Registration Conditions.

Art. 11. Funsumers is not liable for the intermediate interruption of the masterclass by the participant. Refunds, either full or partial, are not possible as someone registers for a complete masterclass.



Art. 12. Tenderers can in no way hold Funsumers liable for any damage or disadvantage resulting therefrom, either directly or indirectly.

Art. 13. The costs of textbooks, literature or any other required study material are for your own account, unless stated otherwise for a specific master class.


Art. 14. Funsumers retains the copyright to its own study material, in text and design.The study material may not be reproduced and/or made public by means of printing, photocopying, posting on the internet or in any other way without the prior written permission of Funsumers. Legal action may be taken when discovering abuse or improper use of our study materials.

Art. 15. Funsumers study materials may not be given to other educational institutions or learning centers, or teachers thereof, for the purpose of their educational programs without the prior written consent of Funsumers.



Art. 16. The student is responsible for keeping his/her password and username combination secret.

Art. 17. It is not permitted to provide your username and/or password to third parties or to give third parties access in any way to the protected part of the Funsumers platform.

Art. 18. As soon as the student knows or has reason to suspect that a username and/or password has come into the hands of unauthorized persons, Funsumers must be informed immediately, without prejudice to the student’s own obligation to immediately take effective measures, such as for example changing the username and/or password.

Art. 19. If the study conditions are not met, access to the digital learning environment may be denied and any teaching materials or updates will no longer be made available.



Art. 20. Comments about a Funsumers masterclass can be made in writing to the
management of Funsumers. 

Funsumers 2022 (subject to change)

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