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With this course Full Edition Neuromarketing Masterclass with more than 5,5 hours of inspiration you will have all the knowledge you need to understand neuromarketing in depth and most important to implement it perfectly for you business. It gives you valuable insights in an understandable and directly applicable way to gain profits for your company.

So, what will you learn in the Neuromarketing course: 


Our brain and neuromarketing concepts
  • Our brain
  • Neuromarketing concepts
  • Daniel Kahneman: system 1 and 2
  • Habits
  • Lessons learned
  • Pricing insights
  • Best practices
  • Lessons learned
Brands and colors
  • Brands
  • Colors
  • Lessons learned
 The persuasion principles of Cialdini
  • Introduction to Cialdini
  • Reciprocity
  • Consistency and commitment
  • Consensus
  • Authority
  • Liking
  • Scarcity
  • Unity
  • Lessons learned
Research methods
  • Body language
  • Empathic design
  • Facial coding
  • Eye tracking
  • EEG
  • fMRI
  • Lessons learned
Best practices
  • €499
  • €299

Understand the human brain better

Implement neuromarketing concepts

Understand the impact of colors, brands and pricing

Optimize your salesfunnel with neuromarketing insights

Implement all persuasion principles of Cialdini

Understand which research methods to use

Be inspired with successful best practices

Gain immediate results with implementing small changes

Meet your new teacher of Neuromarketing: Zeeshan Khan

Zeeshan Khan is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in business and economics. He holds a Master of Science degree in Business and Economics, with a specialization in marketing.

Furthermore, Zeeshan Khan is an ardent advocate of neuromarketing, a field that combines neuroscience and marketing to understand consumer behavior on a deeper level. His passion for neuromarketing fuels his desire to explore the subconscious drivers behind consumer decision-making and leverage this knowledge to create more impactful and persuasive marketing campaigns. Zeeshan firmly believes that incorporating insights from neuroscience into marketing strategies can unlock new avenues for reaching and engaging with target audiences, ultimately driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

With his comprehensive knowledge and expertise in marketing strategies and consumer behavior, Zeeshan has made significant contributions to the success of one of the largest energy companies in the Netherlands. Currently, he holds a leadership position as the Lead of Marketing and Sales within the organization.

Throughout his career, Zeeshan has demonstrated exceptional skills in developing and implementing effective marketing campaigns, driving customer acquisition and retention, and optimizing sales strategies. His ability to understand market dynamics and consumer needs has played a vital role in establishing the company as a prominent player in the energy sector.

Zeeshan’s leadership and innovative thinking have proven instrumental in guiding teams towards achieving their goals and exceeding expectations. His strategic vision, combined with his strong analytical abilities, has enabled him to identify emerging market trends and capitalize on new opportunities.

In addition to his professional achievements, Zeeshan is known for his strong work ethic and dedication to delivering excellence in all his endeavors. He remains committed to staying updated with the latest industry developments, attending conferences, and participating in continuous learning opportunities to further enhance his skills and knowledge.

Outside of his work, Zeeshan is actively involved in mentoring and supporting aspiring marketing professionals. He believes in giving back to the community and helping others succeed in their careers. His passion for personal growth and development extends to his personal life, where he actively engages in various hobbies and interests, fostering a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

Zeeshan Khan’s expertise, leadership abilities, and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to shape the success of his organization. His dedication to driving growth and creating impactful marketing strategies make him a valuable asset in the energy industry, and his contributions have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on both colleagues and competitors alike.

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