Stop selling products

You just started your online webshop, everything is set and you start selling products. Everything on your website is about the products, pictures of the products, descriptions of the products and so on. You just want to sell those products. But you are not selling and customers who buy your products don’t return. There always several reasons to optimize your funnel and website. Today I will zoom in on not selling products but selling a story.Most people don’t remember your products, no emotion is triggered and we are not connected with the brand and product.

The benefits of telling a story:

  1. Stories activate empathy (we experience the feelings of others)
  2. Stories allow us to simulate situations that we have not yet experienced directly
  3. Stories seduce us and help us to learn (we remember it more easily)

Your brand should tell his own story. Some questions that can help you change your content is focus on the following questions instead on the product only:

  1. What is the purpose of your company?
  2. When was it established?
  3. What drives you and your team?
  4. Which emotion do you want to trigger in customers?
  5. Which need or problem are your products solving?

We don’t need a drill, but we want that beautiful family picture on the wall. That’s the need and not the product. Start telling your story and see what happens.

Creating Happy Consumers

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