The magical 9

The magical 9

When our eyes see the number ‘9’, unconsciously, we feel that we are getting a real bargain. We are much more likely to buy when the prices end with a ‘9’.

Some facts about the magical 9

  • 9 triggers a “Bargain” perception.
  • 99 makes the price feel rounded and familiar.
  • 99 looks smaller and people perceive it as closer to 90 than 100.
  • 9 uses a powerful human behavior called herding – where people follow the flock, and want to be part of a group or social norm, this is deeply embedded in our minds.

Studies have shown, people are much more likely to purchase something when the prices end with 9. By adding prices that end with 9 on your website/app, you can increase your profits as people will think, you are giving them a bargain. Value is all relative, and when you can compare prices, people always make their values relative to the ‘best’ price.

The numbers ‘9’ triggers a perception of a bargain and most believe that item is discounted. This is because of a psychological condition called herding. People tend to follow a pattern and like to feel that they are part of something. When people see a ‘9’ at the end of a price, it gives them an instinctual feeling that they are part of a group.

People instinctively buy more when prices end with 9. When you use prices ending in 9, people are much more likely to purchase your products. The 9 is your magic trick to skyrocket your sales! Do you want to know more about neuromarketing and pricing? Gain knowledge now.

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