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The magical 9

When our eyes see the number ‘9’, unconsciously, we feel that we are getting a real bargain. We are much more likely to buy when the prices end with a ‘9’. Some facts about the magical 9 9 triggers a “Bargain” perception. 99 makes the price feel rounded and familiar. 99 looks smaller and people

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Are you influenced by the endowment effect?

The endowment effect is nothing more than we as humans value things we own more than thing we don’t own. You don’t actually have to own the product for this, the idea of ​​ownership is enough. This is called the endowment effect. How are companies influencing us with this endowment effect? Almost every commercial website

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Do we take all decisions consciously?

Humans take a lot of decisions. How many do we take? Approximately 500 million decisions on a daily base. That’s a lot and imagine taking these consciously. It will drive us insane, yet a lot of people are not insane. When we take decisions we think we are taking them rational. When we buy, sneakers,

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