brands and brain

Why is your amazing brain easily influenced?

Your brain is a fascinating part of the human body. There are so many things you may not know about it. For example, it contains 25% of your DNA, which is more than any other organ in the body. Your brain has 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) and can make roughly 100,000 new connections per second. Sixty percent is fat, so it’s hard to tell how big it is. The brain accounts for about 2% of your body weight, but uses 20% of our blood supply, or ten times more oxygen than any other organ.

Every experience you have, is stored in your memory, even if you are not aware of this fact. As a consumer you make 500 million decisions daily of which more than 95% are unconsciously; this means you see hundreds or thousands of advertisements every day without realizing it! And so many big brands influence you on a daily base.

Brands and our brain

How does this information about the brain influence brands? Understanding the nature of human thought and behavior is crucial for marketers because it allows them to anticipate the ways that their customers make decisions. Marketers can use this information to inform their design and messaging strategies, so that they are more likely to trigger unconscious responses in consumers. By understanding how these processes work – by working on triggering unconscious responses as opposed to conscious responses – brands can ensure their messages resonate with an audience on a deeper level.

And this is the reason why you buy that car, house or clothes that are not in budget. That in the supermarket you end up with a filled cart, while that is not what you planned. You always buy the same brands and you are willing to pay more because you want to be a part of an experience. Yes, your brain is unconsciously influenced and it is scary.

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