Why do we keep hurting customers?

More than 80% of companies have as the last touchpoint in the customer journey; pay for a purchase. Various studies have established that the pain of paying exists. If we receive a physical slap, we register it in the Insula. When we pay, we activate that same part of the brain. Paying cash feels more painful than contactless with a smartphone. In short, every time a customer buys something and pays for it in the last part of the journey, we thank the customer with a slap.

How can we prevent this?

Below I list a number of ways you can ease the pain of paying and ensure that customers keep coming back to you.

  1. Disconnect the purchase from the payment: let them purchase but don’t let them pay right away. When they have received the items, send the bill after a month. With this you separate the purchase from the payment and you still give the customer a more positive experience.
  2. From cash to card to contactless. Paying with cash is more painful than paying contactless. Make sure that the payment journey is contactless and fast.
  3. Not good, money back guarantee: Make sure that customers can always get their money back free of charge within a certain period of time if they are not satisfied with the product or service. In practice, we see that barely 1% of customers use this.
  4. Loyalty program:
  5. Introduce a loyalty program where loyal customers actually receive a good offer. When receiving a good offer, the pain of paying is felt less.

Do you want a higher conversion? Customers who come back more often? Then make sure that you check your customer journey carefully and that paying is not the last touch point. Implement the tools I discussed above and stop hurting your customers!

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